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Constructive Criticism

I saw a critique somewhere out there on the interwebz today, the person writing felt that the fit on our sample garments was poor and didn’t do us justice in our photo shoot.  That’s a completely valid opinion.  I’ve mentioned it before, but we are still fine tuning the fit of the patterns, making them better.

Kickstarer puts us in a unique position for most consumers.  Rather than seeing the final product ready to ship out, you’re seeing our prototype.  You, our dear fans and friends, get to be a part of that creative process.  We’ve received several questions and comments on Kickstarter regarding the color and types of fabrics we’ll be using to make the final product.  The colors you see in our photo shoot?  They may be some of the options available when we make that first batch of clothing.  Then again, some of those colors might not be available from our wholesale supplier (the teal fabric, for example).  Really want us to make a specific color available?  Let us know, and we’ll do our best to find the color you want, and present it as one of the options.  We’re still figuring out the best way to select the final color choices, but one of the options might be to select a range of colors and have our Kickstarter backers vote for their favorites.  We’ll have to narrow it down to 5 or 6 final colors (to get the best price), but you might have a say in that process.

We also received a number of comments and questions about some of the more high performance fabrics that are available.  We hadn’t planned on making those available until after Kickstarter.  But due to the interest from our backers, we’ve started looking at the feasibility of offering those fabrics as an option to Kickstarter backers.  We don’t have an answer yet on whether that will be possible, but it is something we’re looking into.

And back to the question of fit.  There are two parts to this equation.  First is that we are still making adjustments to the patterns to get them perfect (well, near perfect) for you.  And the second is personal choice.  Our sizes will work like this: we’ll tell you what measurement the garment was intended for and how much ease (extra room) there is beyond that measurement.  So for example, say you have 52 inch hips and the pants have a 4 inch ease allowance.  That means that if you order the 52″, the garment will measure 56″ at the hips.  Now let’s say you have 52 inch hips but you’d like the pants to fit more closely that we’re showing them.  If you ordered the 50″, you’ll have 2″ of ease at the hips.  You might be tempted to order a 48″ for that skin tight look, but let me say right now that the fabric that we’re definitely offering is cotton knit, not spandex.  Ordering something that tight is not going to be comfortable.

With all that said, here’s a look at the revised tank top that I just finished.  This is going to be the final pattern for this garment.  We kept the fullness through the tummy and hips, but tightened up the upper band for better fit.  We also made the straps wider to better cover bra straps, and brought them closer to the center in the back to help prevent slipping strap while you’re active.

So what it boils down to is that we want your feedback.  We want to know what you want from your clothes.  We’re listening, and we’ll be honest about letting you know why or why not.  And sometimes the answer is going to be, ‘that’s a great idea, we love it, but it’s going to have to wait a little while before it’s feasible.’  Come along on this journey with us.  Help us reshape plus size fashion.



  1. Jame (@jameane)

    I just saw a link somewhere from Tumblr about your kickstarter. I was just complaining about this a few days ago. Can I give you my wishlist?

    1. I like the fancy quick drying performance fabrics! These are great, I sweat. I lot. And stretchy materials.
    2. The pants: I am personally into capri leggings. Practical ones. With drawstrings and useful pockets. 😀 (Especially the drawstring detail. My waist seems to shift in size a lot, and the drawstring keeps your pants in the proper place during your workouts.
    3. The tops: I am busty. Every time I try on a a fitness top, it is cup for a b or a c cup. I am an H cup. And if I go up a size, it doesn’t lie flat against my sides, since it is too big in the chest. This is true for tanks, especially the ones with the built in bras. I don’t like the built in bras, since well they aren’t made for women like me. The average workout tank is way more snug in the waist than i’d like. Especially with a pair of tight capris. I’d like a looser fit. That fits. But still well shaped. And for us busty women, a little bit of extra length is helpful. So we can account for any shrinkage due to the breasts. 🙂
    4. More back choices than racerback! So I can hide my back fat and bra straps. 😀 The sweetheart necklines are really cute, on someone like me, it looks like there would be a little too much cleavage. 🙂

    Oh and can you take more action shots? How about downward dog pose and other inverted type poses!

    Anyway, this is a great project! I am really excited!

    • Hi Jamie,

      Thanks for your comments! We’ll be taking a few more photos soon, I’ve made some improvements to the tank top so that it fits a little better but still looks essentially the same. I feel your pain as far as larger bust size goes. I’m a G cup myself, and I’m forever feeling like I fall out of tank tops. This one though, fits great, even on my rack of doom! LOL We’re working on the fancy-high-performance-fabrics, it’s mostly just a problem of locating a wholesale source at a cost that allows us to keep prices reasonable, we’ll keep you updated on that.

      Leggings, in several lengths is on my to-develop list. I’ve also had requests for the padded bike shorts type for those who enjoy bicycling. I’ll keep the drawstring in mind.

      For our launch, we wanted to keep it pretty darn simple, but still have a couple of options. We’re definitely still working on more and better things… we just need to get funded through Kickstarter to get us off the ground and running with it.


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