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Real quick, before I get into the meat of today’s post, I wanted to mention that going forward we’re only going to be posting on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  I did the solid week of posts leading into our Kickstarter kick-off and a few days after to help keep people engaged.  Honestly, it’s a bit much to keep content prepped for the blog 7 days a week.  All four of us are working full time and have lives and families as well.  Well, I (Rene) don’t have much of a life, but there’s only so much of my babbling that you can take.  🙂

I’ve gotten to be a stats geek in the past 5 days.  I love keeping the Kickstarter dashboard open, and also the stats page for the blog.   For the blog, we’ve had more than a thousand views from people in 21 different countries.  Every continent, except Antarctica.  Our busiest day so far we had over 300 views.  That’s great!  And on Kickstarter, we’re already at 29.7% funded.  When you browse Kickstarter and go to the Fashion section and click to see the popular projects, we’ve been in the top several lines since we launched.  We have 50 backers so far, with an average pledge of $65.30.  We need to average about $370 in pledges each day to meet our goal… so as of this morning we would have needed to be at $1480.  Instead, we’re at more than double that, $3265.

We do still have a long way to go, though.  We still need to receive pledges totaling $7735 to meet our goal.  Don’t forget that Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing deal… if we don’t hit that goal, we receive NO funding at all.

I have to admit though, sitting at 29% after only 4 days, I’m pretty confident that we’ll meet our goal.  You might be wondering what happens if we meet our goal before the deadline.  Do we stop and get our funding earlier than planned?  Nope.  The project stays up on Kickstarter through our deadline, even if we’ve already reached our goal.  We can continue receiving pledges after we reach goal as well.  If you poke around Kickstarter a bit, you’ll see that some projects double or triple their goals, or even more.  A musician recently raised over a million dollars in her Kickstarter campaign, even though her goal was only $100k.

So what happens if/when we go over goal?

That depends on how much over goal we go.  If we hit about $700 over goal, we can purchase a professional grade sewing machine with embroidery capability so that we can put our logo on each piece as well as start expanding into other types of clothing.  If we hit about $2000 over goal, we can get the sewing machine, plus a large format tablet to use with our pattern making software.  That will allow me to make up something new by creating it in 3D on my dress form, then take it apart and trace the pieces directly into the software and create an instant pattern that can be made in any size.  These two tools would greatly expand our ability to offer new and different items, and speed the process up quite a bit.

And if we go over that amount too?  I haven’t let myself dream that big just yet.  Give me a week or two.  😉



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