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If I had a nickle…

Have you ever heard the phrase “If I had a nickle for every time someone told me….”  Sometimes it’s a dime.  Sometimes it’s a quarter.  The denomination seems to depend on the speaker’s history and penchant for hyperbole.  I’ve even said it myself a few times.

I remember hearing a story as a kid.  This is hugely paraphrased, and was much more riveting coming from the wonderful author/storyteller that I was privileged to meet several times as a kid.  I can’t remember his name, but if you know who he is, please leave a comment so I can credit him properly.  The story goes like this: there was a man who was considered “stupid” by the other people in the town.  And any time that came into question, say when a traveler came through, a particularly mean towns-person would prove it by offering the man a dime or a nickle.  He would always choose the nickle, and the towns-person would always ask why.  The man would simply reply, “Because it’s bigger.” As if this was an obvious fact.  One day one of the travelers followed the man home, intent on saving him from further humiliation by explaining that a dime, while smaller in size, was worth more money.  The man smiled, opened up a closet filled with jars full of nickles and said, “But if I pick the dime, they won’t give me nickles no more.”

I know that I have doubters among my family and friends.  People who smile and act excited when I talk about this project while silently thinking that this will never work.  We all do.  I’ve found that people are especially skeptical of the concept of Kickstarter.  After all, it’s a little unbelievable that we could possibly raise several thousands of dollars in just a month, by getting a bunch of people to pledge small amounts of money.

And so it’s sort of ironic that this is exactly how Kickstarter works for us.  It allows ordinary people to say, I have an idea, and allows others to contribute what seams like an insignificant amount of money… just a dollar.  But if enough people pitch in that small contribution, that idea becomes a reality.

Some of you might be thinking that you’d like to pledge, but you aren’t sure how much money you’ll have left at the end of the month and don’t want to miss out on rewards because you pledged before you realized you had enough.  The great news is that Kickstarter allows you to adjust your pledge amount until the end of our campaign.  So if you like, you can pledge $1 today, and at the end of the month kick it up to $10 or $25 if you have it to spare.  And you will have a chance to select the reward for the higher level if you’d like.

You might also be thinking, “Hey, this is a cool idea, but I don’t really need a tote bag or work out gear.”  Kickstarter also allows you the option to skip the reward if you’d rather.  Or, maybe you know someone who could use it as a gift (in that case, when we get all of your info at the end, we’ll have an option to send the reward as a gift).

Today is the third day of our Kickstarter campaign.  As of last night, we had received pledges for $1,005.  Nearly 10% of our goal in just two days!  How amazing is that?!

Maybe when this is all over, we’ll be saying “We got a dollar for every time someone said they loved our idea, and now Pigs are Flying!”  🙂




  1. Bill

    Not sure about the story but there was a country song about the same think town fool offered a dollar or a quarter always took the quarter cause it was shiny and on his death bed I think showed his son the fortune in quarters stashed away

    • I hadn’t heard the country song. I’ll have to track that one down. ~RR

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