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And we have liftoff…

Here it is, the much anticipated link to our Kickstarter campaign.

If you’ve been reading anything we’ve had to say over the last month, you know that we believe that everyone should be able to be active in clothing that fits them well, is durable, and looks good on their body.  We believe strongly that no one should be turned away because they don’t fit into the given size chart.  And that no matter what your goals are, the clothes available to you should not be just another obstacle to fitness.

Now is the time to make this a reality.  You don’t need to have the money in your account right now, but if you know you’ll have a few extra dollars at the end of the month and believe in what we’re doing, pledge your support.  You won’t be charged until the campaign is successful, so early July.  Not sure that you can pledge your financial support?  You can also show your support by sharing us with your family and friends.  Whether you share our Facebook page or direct someone to our Twitter feed, the more people who hear about Flying Pig Apparel, the better our chances of success.

I know $11,000 sounds like a lot of money.  It still kind of freaks me out to think in dollar amounts that large (that’s why Bobby is in charge of the money).  But think of it this way… we only need 220 of our friends and fans to pre-order a tank or tee by pledging $50.  Or this way… if 2,200 people hear about Flying Pig Apparel this month, only 10% of them need to decide to support us by pledging $50.  So every “like” we get on Facebook helps us.  Every “follow” we get on Twitter gets us one step closer to our goal.  And every time you tell a friend “hey, I saw this really cool start-up online last night…” and tell them about Flying Pig Apparel, you’re helping change the face of plus size clothing for the better.

So don’t put it off.  Follow the link right now.  Pledge your support, and be one of the 220 people it takes to make this happen.




  1. YES! I was the first supporter! May there be many, many more of us to come!

    • Thank you! I have this amazing feeling that there will be many, many more to come! ~RR

  2. Lonie Mc

    Are you folks aware of the fat positive/HAES marketing group on Facebook? If not, you should be on there:

  3. Lonie Mc

    I actually posted both your kickstarter link and your blog. I think you have to join individually then you can post your page.

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