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Have you ever taken the time to compare size charts for different clothing companies side by side?  We did, and we were shocked and annoyed by what we found.  What one company calls a 2X might be a  6X at another company!  No wonder just knowing your size doesn’t help when you’re shopping for clothes.

We were also sort of amused by the descriptive terms some sites use to describe the body shapes of people.  I think we’ve all heard ourselves or others described as an “apple” shape or a “pear” shape.  How about this one… one site has a body shape they call a “pineapple”.  I have to share Bobby’s reaction to that with you… she almost fell off the couch laughing before she could get out “That must be one prickly b****!”

So how do we cut through the BS and just get you clothes that fit?  There’s no such thing as a standard size chart, at least not in the U.S.  We’re taking a lesson from men’s jeans brands and skip the size chart construct altogether.  Pants will be sized based on hip measurement, and shirts will be sized based on bust measurement.  And since you don’t have a chance to try on these garments before you buy them, we’re going to tell you right up front what the garment’s measurements are, so you know how loose or tight it will fit you.  No more pondering if you’re a 20 or 22.  All you need is a flexible tape measure and you’ll know exactly what size to buy.

We believe in voting with our dollars.  All of us here at Flying Pig Apparel are choosing to say “No Thanks” to clothes that aren’t fit or designed for us.  We hope that you believe in our work too.  Starting June 1st, we’ll be seeking contributions from people who believe in intelligently designed active wear for people of all sizes.  Sign up for email updates from us, or check back here for more information on how you can be a part of making Flying Pig Apparel available to anyone.  You don’t need to be a millionaire to help make this happen!  You can pledge your support starting June 1st in amounts as small as $1, and you can help spread the word to others.



  1. noreen

    Hi. Just a comment about sizing based on chest size… my stomach has a larger circumference than my chest. Is it possible to include not only the chest circumference, but the circumference at the hem or the midline? This would help some of us small chested people to get a better fit. I love the tank! Can’t wait to see ya’ll on kickstarter.

    • We’re absolutely going to include that information! I’m still doing some revisions to the patterns, so I don’t have the final numbers just yet, but they’re designed to allow for ample stomachs and hips and backsides. Thanks for your comment, it’s something that I had brewing back in my subconscious, but hadn’t fully expressed here. ~RR

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