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We’ve been telling you about our new active wear for women here, on Facebook, and on Twitter.  But you haven’t yet seen what intelligently designed active wear for every body looks like.  Today I’m proud to give you a sneak peek at our 8 sample garments.

The photo shoot was a lot of fun.  After an afternoon at the range (Barb likes guns.  Rene likes the hottie that works at the range.  It was a win-win situation), we spent the late afternoon and early evening at Monteith Riverpark in Albany, Oregon hamming it up for the camera.  Now, some all of us are not naturally camera-friendly people.  But we got out there and had some fun with it anyway.  I had an epiphany as we were trying to get active shots of each of us.  The best photos were the ones that were taken when we weren’t expecting it.  Like this one.

We’re standing on top of a concrete picnic table just joking around, waiting for Audre to get her shoes back on and join us for a group shot.  From the left is Rene, Barb, and Bobby.

Here’s another “gotcha” moment that turned out to be perfect…

On the left is Audre, and Bobby on the right.  Just standing and chatting, trying to think up ideas for poses and action shots.

Now, just because the unplanned shots turned out to be our favorites (and there are more that I don’t have to post just yet, like Barb doing a random cheerleading move… don’t even think about deleting that one Barb!), doesn’t mean that our planned photos turned out badly.  Here’s Barb on rollerblades….

So the profound thought that came out of all of this?  The harder we tried to look good while being active, the less satisfied we were with how we looked.  And the more we just let loose and had fun, the better the photos looked.  So the next time you decide not to do a random happy dance in the middle of the street because you’re worried about how you look, banish that thought and just go with whatever feels right and fun to you.  It doesn’t matter how you look to other people.  But having fun is contagious.

One last note… while doing the photo shoot we noticed a few things about the sample garments, and I’m busy working on some changes to the patterns to make them even better.  The tank tops are going to have the biggest overhaul.  I originally developed the pattern for non-stretchy fabrics, and the switch to knit fabric means that it’s just too big in the back.  It’s not a difficult fix, and it won’t change the overall look of the top… except that random fold you can see on Bobby’s back in the second photo.  I’ll also be making some minor adjustments to the fit of the pants, we all agreed that we’d like the waistband to sit lower than our natural waistline.  Again, not a huge change.  A lot of our goals were met with these garments.  The shirts stay in place without tugging them down all the time, but they’re not overly long.  The capri pants don’t ride up when you walk.  And everything is loose enough to move in without being shapelessly baggy.

We can’t wait to hear what you think!  Like it?  Hate it?  Leave us a comment and let us know!


p.s. We’ve set comments to be moderated on this blog.  We DO what to hear both positive and negative feedback on our clothing.  At the same time, we don’t want hateful comments about women of size being active.  So as long as you’re on topic and express yourself respectfully, we’ll approve your comment.  But trolls beware, your words may come back to haunt you.

p.p.s. Love what we’re doing?  Want to be the first of your friends to get your hands on Flying Pig Apparel?  We’ll be launching our Kickstarter campaign on June 1st, so make sure you’re plugged in with us here, on Facebook, or on Twitter to get all the details!


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