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What is Kickstarter?

Before I talk about Kickstarter, a quick note about photos.  I had really hoped to have photos up yesterday, but they weren’t ready quite yet.  I promise we’ll have them posted for you as soon as possible.  Be sure to sign up for email updates for the blog, the photos will be posted here first! 🙂

You’ve seen me mention Kickstarter a few times now, and you’re probably wondering what in the world it is.  It’s a site that allows small businesses, individuals, and inventors to raise the funds they need to complete projects.  Say you’re a musician with enough original songs to record an album.  Without a studio footing the bill for recording time, promotion, house band, and all the other expenses, it’s pretty hard to finance that all on your own.  With Kickstarter, there’s a product of some kind at the end… it might be an album if you’re a musician, a line of clothes or a fashion show if you’re a clothing designer, a book, a video, even plays and dance performances.  You as the business owner or inventor or author or whatever write a summary of what you’re trying to do, take photos, shoot a video and tell your supporters what you need, and why they should contribute.  During the campaign, you promote your project, using social media, blogs, word of mouth, and Kickstarter.  Anyone can pledge to support your project… whether they can chip in $1 or $1,000.

One of the features I like best about Kickstarter is that our supporters are not charged unless we receive enough pledges to reach our goal.  That means that we’re not stuck trying to complete the project with less money than we needed to actually deliver what we’ve promised.  It also puts some pressure on… we have a limited time frame to raise the money in.  If we don’t reach our goal by the deadline, we don’t receive any money and we have to start again.

The part you’ll like best is that once the campaign is sucessful, contributers receive thank-you gifts based on the amount of money they contributed.  We’ll be offering clothing from our new line, among other things, as thank-you gifts.  And we’ll be shipping those gifts out before any other orders go out, so you’ll be able to wear Flying Pig Apparel active wear before it’s available anywhere!

Since it’s an all or nothing campaign, it’s important that we start getting the word out now.  If you know someone who might be interested in what we’re doing here, please share a link to the blog, our Facebook page, or Twitter.  Even if you know you won’t be able to contribute any money, spreading the word helps us immensely.  We’ll be sharing more about how to pledge your support as we get closer to the Kickstarter campaign launch.  In the mean time, check out some of the other cool projects Kickstarter has to offer!


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