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3 a Week Challenge

On Thursday, we talked about the 4 simple habits that can make a significant impact on your health.  I also asked you to consider setting goals in a different way to increase your health rather than focusing on weight.  Have you started making any of those healthy changes yet?

I already hit two of them, simply because that’s who I am.  I don’t smoke, and never have.  I know that can be a huge hurdle for people who are already addicted, and so I’m very glad it’s not an issue for me.  And I rarely drink.  When I do it’s generally just one drink (Barb’s birthday party and ensuing madness excepted).  Again, this can be a very difficult hurdle for people to overcome so I’m very glad I’m not in the habit of drinking like a fish.  (On second thought, does watching Mad Men count as drinking?  I swear, a couple of episodes of that show and you’ll be drunk just from watching!  Love the show anyway though.)

Now for the two that I feel like I need to work on.  I don’t generally keep a food diary, or even think past the current meal most days, so I’m sure I could use more of a conscious effort to get the fruits and veggies in.  It’s not that I don’t like them, I just don’t plan my meals well enough.  Exercise is another story.  I’d like to justify the 5-9 hours a day I spend on my feet at my job, walking, lifting, bending, etc., as my 30 or more minutes, I know that I can and should do better.

Of course, fitness and getting active is near and dear to our hearts here at Flying Pig Apparel.  After all, that’s why we’re trying to launch our active wear line.  So today I’m issuing a challenge to all of you out there…. get active!

Here’s the guidelines:

  • 3 days a week, 30 or more minutes
  • Any physical activity that you ENJOY
  • No guilt! 1 or 2 is better than 0, just keep trying!

Keep in mind that this isn’t a race.  You’re not competing against anyone.  If all you can manage this week is three 10-minute strolls around a parking lot per day, 3 days a week, that’s great!  If your 30 minute walk is only 1/4 mile total, that’s perfect!  (I like walking outside, can you tell? 🙂 )  If your 30 minutes is boogie-ing to the radio while you dust your living room, boogie down my friend.  How about going to the playground and chasing your favorite kiddo around?  Seriously, when’s the last time you went down a slide?

And the most important part is to have fun with whatever you decide to do!  Tell us about your adventures!  I’ll be keeping you posted via facebook ( and we’ll check in every once in a while here too.

Don’t forget!  Flying Pig Apparel’s kickstarter campaign starts June 1st!  You can be a part of making intelligently designed active wear for every body.  Spread the word!  Like us on Facebook, sign up for email updates from our blog, and follow us on twitter.



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