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Fat Active Wear

Anyone setting out to become more active faces challenges… time, creating new habits, finding activities that they enjoy, the expense of getting the right equipment, and space to do the activity they’ve chosen.  When you’re also a person of size, there are a bunch of other considerations as well.  Is the equipment available on the market suitable for a heavier person?  How much more expensive is it for the right equipment?  Will I experience shaming/bullying/intimidation if I exercise in public?  Will I be able to keep up with the others in my class or group?  Is it physically possible for me to do what the others are doing?

With all of that on your mind, the last thing you want to be worried about is what you’re wearing.  And it’s not just a case of “Am I wearing what the cool kids are wearing?”, it’s also a question of “Is this clothing designed with a heavier person in mind?”  We designed our active wear with real people of size in mind… ourselves.  We wear out our inseams more quickly than anywhere else on our clothes, so we built in a discreet reinforcement in that area so that your pants will last longer.  We know that larger breasts and tummies need a little more length to cover comfortably, so we added those few crucial inches, without turning a shirt into a mini-dress.  And we know that capri-length pants can ride up, so a tiny weight in the hem helps keep them where they belong.

Production of our sample garments began today, and I can tell you now that they look amazing!  Starting June 1st, we’ll be seeking investors to help turn a hobby into a brand available for everyone.  And the great news is that you don’t have to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars to show your support.  You can pledge as little as $1, or as much as you’re comfortable with, to show your support for intelligently designed active wear for people of all sizes.  You can also help spread the word… share this blog, or our Facebook page.  Want to be the first to see our sample garments?  Subscribe to the blog or like us on Facebook (



  1. Julie

    I am looking forward to seeing your clothes. Can you go into a little more detail about investment opportunities?

    • Thanks for asking! We’ll be talking more about that very soon! We’ll be using, if you’ve never heard of it (I hadn’t!) check it out. Our Kickstarter campaign will be launching June 1st. Until then, stay in touch via the blog, Facebook or Twitter. ~RR

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