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What’s in a Name?

Dress Barn – really?  I’m a cow that has to go to a barn for clothing that fits me?!

Sag Harbor – Right, because everyone wants to look saggy.

Woman Within – Why, because I’m such a fatty that I ate her?

There have been a lot of unfortunate brands associated with clothing meant for women of size.  And because of that, at first brush, some people don’t “get” the name we’ve given our company.  While we firmly believe that those who don’t “get” it wouldn’t be happy with our company anyway, we want to go on record, right from the start, to clear up any misconceptions.

We are not calling ourselves or our customers pigs.

While pigs are an amazing animal, the source of tasty bacon, and the species of one of our favorite characters (Miss Piggy), the word pig has been applied to fat people as a derogatory term for a very long time.  We’re not trying to reclaim a term that has been used maliciously against us.

What we are doing though, is playing with a commonly used phrase and challenging assumptions.  The assumptions?  Women of size don’t exercise.  “Thin” women fit into standard size clothing just fine.  No one will buy work out clothes in larger sizes.  None of that is true.

So we’re calling those assumptions out.  If those are all “when pigs fly” scenarios, then the pigs are flying my friend.  So tell us, what “unlikely” things do you do?


1 Comment

  1. Bobby Gentry

    I belly dance when we go out…. The looks I get – Glares really from the ‘skinny’ females – But great smiles of appreciation from the men. I carry myself with confidence and pride…

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